For me, it all began in 1979 when the teacher discussed with us the possibilities of having a pet in our classroom. She had an aquarium at home and told us about it in glowing colours. The same day I brought my savings of about $40 to my local pet shop to buy a tank. I ended up with a 40-litre tank, 3 Zebra Danios, a plant and some gravel. I was 14 back then and the aquarium bug has had me in its iron grip ever since.

Between then and now lay multiple fresh and saltwater tanks and even a carrier in the aquarium industry. I was always a DIY guy and liked to create my own equipment when it made sense to do so. It was only logical for me to look at the food for the animals in my tanks in the same way. For me, it didn't make sense to feed them the same foods every day over and over again. I also wanted to give them the chance to choose their food themselves. In my mind, the only way to achieve this was to offer the animals a variety of foods at the same time. Very soon I began to experiment with different types of food and create my own blends. Now with over 40 years of aquarium keeping experience as a hobbyist as well as a professional under my belt I perfected the way I prepare the food for my animals.


Peter Schleifer - Founder and Director

Mixing a few different food types together and call it a blend isn't hard, but Apex Superior Aquatic Food is much more than that. It's not only the variety of different foods that we mix together it's also the unique and special way how we do it that makes Apex truly a superior food. Our blends are hand-made here in Australia and not machine processed overseas and therefore don't have to undergo any radiation process before entering the market. At Apex we only use locally sourced food-grade ingredients, where possible, which are prepped in a lengthy process before blended together. We are using the same standards as used for human food preparation to make sure our blends are free of any contaminations. 

The last thing I wanted to do when I started the Apex brand was to add to the pollution of our oceans with more plastic. Good thing I was able to find an Australian company who produces bio-degradable plastic bags. Our labels are made of paper and printed in Australia. So we have a 100% Australian made product that is sustainable and won't harm the environment.

When you buy Apex Superior Aquatic Food you get 100% food, we don't add any water, fillers or gel-binders to our blends. Therefore, draining and rinsing, like with regular frozen food, isn't necessary. 

So there you have it, if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us.